Sanfor Teflonu

Arasbg; Sanfor teflonuopen sanfor teflonu, tube sanfor teflonu products and imports from Italy specially. Since 2015, it has been exporting to Balkan countries.

Roller covering belts

TurkeyWe are proud to announce that we specialize in the sale of Roller Winding Bands. We are importing all products from abroad, mainly cylinder roll band, roll cylinder band, silicon cylinder bottle, and realize local production. We will continue to offer solutions to you with every kind of sectoral cylinder winding band product range ...

Conveyor Belts

our company; Konveyör bant, pvc conveyor belts, pvc white belts, pvc black belts, pvc white tape production and repair. Sectoral food conveyor belts, chocolate conveyor belts, loading conveyor conveyor belts, paper plastic conveyor belts,

Teflon Belts

Arasbg; Teflon belts Production and repairs. In our product range; Braided teflon fabric, antistatic teflon fabrics 0.16, 0.25, 0.36 micron meter, 0.08, 0.13, 0.25, 0.36 in the size of imported Teflon sandwich adhesive-tack free, Teflon drying bands 2 * 2 * -4 * 4-6 * 6 * -8 * 8 It is repairing and producing imports of Teflon film 05-1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm, teflon coated glass fiber fabric, silicone teflon fabric, drying bands in the size of -10 * 10 and continues to provide solutions to thousands of companies throughout Turkey.

Polyester Belts

Polyester tapes, polyester mesh drying belts, Textile fiber sieving machine, degrade machine, interlaced cooling tapes, yufka irrigation tapes, pasta tapes

Flat Belts and Timing Belts

Flat belt, transmission belt, Time belt, v belt And all the products you need in your sector are available in our company. Thanks to our wide distribution channel all over Turkey you can reach us and place orders.

Roller Winding Bands in New Packaging ...

Silindir sargı bandı üreticisi ve ithalatçısı olan firmamız, sizler için en iyisini düşünerek bir ilki gerçekleştirdi ve Türkiye'de ilk defa Silindir Sargı Bantlarını ambalajlı poşetlerde sizlere sundu. Toplu siparişleriniz ve uygun fiyatlar için bizimle iletişime geçiniz

Silindir sargı bandı üreticisi Türkiye Lideri
Silindir sargı bantı üreticisi

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Silindir sargı bandı ithalatçısı Türkiye Lideri
Silindir sargı bantı ithalatçısı 

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